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“In my Autumn years, writing has given me a new lease of life, a new enthusiasm, and a reason for getting out of bed in the morning. I have discovered the long-supressed romantic in my soul, and what better way to enrich my retirement than to unleash it and write the romantic stories that I have secretly loved.”

Romance Books by Andie Patrick Romance Novelist Author

Wedding to Allan, 15th May, 1954. Cathedral of the Highlands, Nairobi.


Novelist and Short Story Writer

Born in England, in the year Adolf Hitler came to power. Six years later she moved to Kenya, and has lived in Africa ever since. She has always enjoyed messing about with words, but her writing experience until recently did not include fiction. Business writing: theatre criticism; a dash of verse; essays; even a one-act play, were all grist to her mill. It was only in retirement that Andie started dabbling in writing short stories, never dreaming that she could write anything longer. Until … One day, she read of a challenge to write a book of at least 50,000 words during the month of November. Never one to resist a challenge, she down at her computer on the first of November, and started writing. There she stayed, pausing only to eat and sleep. Twenty-three days and 52 000 words later, she had the first draft of her first book in her hand. A novelist was born. She had discovered her métier in romance. Two years later, after editing, reworking, editing, revising and editing some more, she published her first romance, “Bitter-Sweet Harvest”. She was 87 year old. Twice married but now widowed for a second time, Andie lives in George, South Africa. When not writing, she pursues her interests in music, travel, wine, and photography. Now a member of the Romance Writers Organisation of South Africa, she spends her days happily weaving plots and creating characters, warbling snatches of opera as she writes. An octogenarian writing steamy romances? She admits to being bit out of practice, but claims that a vivid imagination and an excellent memory serve her well. And write a good story she does. Her creativity is fueled by a lifetime of varied experiences to draw on, an enduring love of the English language, and a sense of mischief (attested by her motto: “Growing old disgracefully”).
Romance Books by Andie Patrick Romance Novelist Author

Wedding to Andy, 1st March, 1986, Old Fort Chapel, Durban.

Romance Uncovered

Andie Patrick Romance Novelist Author
Andie Patrick Romance Novelist Author

Romance – a tale of love triumphant.

Andie Patrick Romance Novelist Author
Romance Books by Andie Patrick Romance Novelist Author

What is Love?

It’s a yearning, burning,
longing, burst-into-songing,
Needing, pleading,
Cuddly, befuddly,
Warming, storming,
Randy, sugar-candy,
Caring, sharing
Blissing, kissing,
Giving, ever-living,
Quixotic, erotic,
Shagging, unflagging,
Anticipation, titillation,
Culmination, jubilation,
Climaxing . . . relaxing
Sort of emotion.

Andie Patrick

Bitter-Sweet Harvest

Inflamed by Desire; tormented by Love.

This is the book that started it all; the book that fulfilled my urge to be a writer in my golden years; that led me to discover the romantic hidden deep inside me; and gave me the opportunity to indulge my addiction words.
So there I was with the manuscript in my hands – or rather on my hard drive – but not sure what to do next. This is when I turned to Professor Google, and started asking questions, only to discover that there was a lot more to the craft of novel-writing than I realised. It was then that I discovered the Romance Writers Organisation of SA, and tentatively applied to join, wondering whether they would accept a raw beginner without a novel to her name. Indeed they would, and I was made welcome.
This was the best move I made in my journey towards becoming a published author.
I attended a Retreat, and met a group of friendly and endlessly helpful authors, and it was primarily due to them that I finally launched Bitter-Sweet Harvest.
That was the start of another journey into terra incognita. Publishing a book is one thing, but nobody is going to buy it if they don’t know it’s there. Marketing is the name of the game. A whole new learning process. So that is why you find me here, with my whole new, shiny website and a blog; hoping that the on-line world will notice me and my books.
All because of that NaNoWriMo challenge.

Romantic Books by Author Andie Patrick